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Tree Diagnosis and Recommendations

At Hagstrom & Sons Tree Service we provide Tree Diagnosis and Recommendations to try and make every tree in Sonoma County healthy. We want to make Sonoma County a better place by catching and fixing any stress to trees before real damage happens.

Important Information about Diagnosis and Recommendations:

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It is important to know what is causing your tree stress and what kind of problems your trees are having.

Trees are just like people when it comes to stress. Stress can cause a lot of damage or even kill the tree. In some cases, if the trees are stressed or if they have been wounded (a major cause of tree stress), they may be more susceptible to damage caused by insects and diseases.

Stresses in trees may be caused by natural factors and conditions or through the activities of man or animals. These factors may be chronic (recurring and lasting for a long time) or acute (immediate impact). Examples of chronic damage are wet soils caused by site selection, soil compaction or poor nutrition. Acute damage includes flooding, freezing conditions, severe construction damage and deer browsing.

With continued stresses, branches begin to die, and at the same time the root system of the tree is reduced because the crown is producing inadequate food for good root expansion and growth. These processed continue into a downward spiral, usually resulting in the continued decline and eventual death of the tree over a period of 2-15 years. In most cases, once the tree has tipped the balance of not providing sufficient carbohydrates for continued growth of the tree, it cannot recover.

Tree Appraisal

Do you want to know how much your trees are worth?

Hagstrom & Sons Tree Service can provide you with a Tree Appraisal Report. Call or contact us today.
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