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About Hagstrom & Sons Tree Service in Sonoma County, CA

MISSION: At Hagstrom and Sons Tree Service it is our mission to make Sonoma County a beautiful and safer place to live by servicing one tree at a time. We are providing a service with dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction while keeping the trees health in mind.

About Us: Hagstrom and Son Tree Service is a family own and run company that has been servicing Sonoma County since 1978. That is over 35 years of serving customers like you.

At Hagstrom and Sons, we thrive by not only trying to provide 100% customer satisfaction but also providing a service that will make all your trees healthy and free from danger. We want to make sure that trees will flourish to make not only your home more beautiful and safe but to also make Sonoma County as a whole exceptional.

One way we do this is by making sure that on every job site we have a Certified Arborist. I started this business back in 1978 with the idea of working on trees with my brother. We slowly worked this business from the ground up but then my brother decided he didn’t want to pursue tree service any more. From there I built a solid customer base in Sonoma County and have been making people happier and their homes safer ever since